There's a catch. The economy is on a rollercoaster ride. Businesses are fighting to stay afloat, and the noise in the market is reaching ear-splitting levels. 

Your sales page is still chugging along and making money, but . . .

Unlock Your Funnel's Full Sales Potential for a One-Time Investment of  $1945


I've spent that and more working out how to optimize funnels to withstand the test of time. 

But you can side-step all the trial and error. You can bypass the heavy financial investment and sleepless nights wondering if you’ll ever find an answer that works. 

I’ve done all that for you, and trust me, it’s no fun. Especially, when you can avoid all of it for a one-time investment of $1945.

The gap between your revenue & rising costs is widening . . .

Online business owners are feeling the pinch...

Burnout is knocking on the door, and the world seems less stable than ever.

With your bespoke roadmap, you'll have the knowledge and a plan. 

But success often slips through the gap between knowing and doing.

To ensure you successfully implement these improvements, I'm offering 30 days of email support to answer all of your follow up questions.

Your 30 days of implementation support begins one day after the delivery of your Revenue Raising Roadmap TM

You'll receive responses to your questions either in writing and/or a pre-recorded video. 

You're not just getting a plan. You're getting a helping hand to execute that plan. 

1. Who is this for? 

Online business owners driving paid traffic to a sales page selling a service or digital product. Ideally, the page is a converting a percentage of the traffic. 

If the sales page is not already converting, you would be a better fit for a line-by-line copy audit. ​

2. Who is this NOT for? 

Business owners selling physical products.​​

3. What if I don't have a website visit recorder installed or run ads to this page?

You're the perfect fit for a line-by-line copy audit

3. Is this only for sales and checkout pages? What if I want it for my squeeze page or OTO page?

You're welcome to substitute another page for the sales page. This could be a squeeze page, upsell page, downsell page - any page designed with the goal of encouraging the visitor to take a specific action.

4. When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at checkout.

5. I can't afford to lose. Is this for me. 

It's just a matter of time before you financially benefit from this offer. If you're funnel is already converting, you're likely to see an increase within 1-3 rounds of split testing. 

It can take longer for funnels that are failing to convert. 3 months, on average, if you don't run into unexpected hiccups like FB disabling your targeting options during that time. 

If you can't afford to lose, I recommend a line--by-line copy audit instead. 


6. Will you revise the copy or make the suggested changes to my sales page for me?

This offer includes guidance around copy, design and offer optimizations. I will provide you with examples as needed. Those examples may or may not be specific to your copy. ​

7. Am I on my own after this VIP event? 

Upon receiving your Revenue Raising Roadmap, you'll have the option of signing up for optional implementation support. However, this is not required to achieve access with your Revenue Raising Roadmap TM .

8. Do I need to be available on day of my VIP experience?

No. All of the work happens behind the scenes. By 11:59pm EST on the day of your VIP event, you will receive your custom Revenue Generating Roadmap in your inbox. I only have capacity for one VIP experience each week. Click the button below to reserve your spot. 

9. What if I need to reschedule my VIP experience?

You're welcome to reschedule once within 60 days of the date of purchase. But, remember, you do not need to be available on this day. 

10. Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes. I offer done-for-you services to measure and analyze the results of your split tests, as well as copy & conversion critiques your entire funnel. 

11. If you suggest changes to the copy in my Revenue Raising Roadmap TM , can you make those changes for me?

Yes. For an additional investment, I can write or edit copy for you.  At your request, I will provide you with an estimate along with the delivery of your Revenue Raising Roadmap TM

Limited time Bonus: 30 Days of Implementation Support

There’s Easily $15,000.00 Worth of Time & Knowledge Fueling the Creation of Your $1945 Roadmap to Success

Yes, times are tough. So put me to work for you and let's make your funnel resilient, profitable and ready for anything. 

Done-in-a-day Revenue Raising Roadmap TM

Secure more sales in shaky times with your . . .

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Make Your Funnel More Profitable & Ready for Anything the Economy Throws at It

With expertise in copywriting, UX design & cyberpsychology, I'll help you: 

     Reach your revenue goals in unpredictable times

     Raise your prices without backlash

     Boost your sales while minimizing refunds

  • Reach your revenue goals in unpredictable times
  • Raise your prices without backlash
  • Boost sales while minimizing refunds

Answers To Your Burning Questions

It's like you're trying to fill a bucket with a hole at the bottom. No matter how much you pour in, you can't get ahead. 

The ol' "tricks" of the trade seem to be losing their luster

Tough times don't last.

But there is a silver lining...

Tough businesses do.

When tasked with increasing sales, most copy & conversion coaches would throw you into the deep end of google analytics.  

My specialty is simplifying the process of jacking up sales for online business owners wanting to stay out of the weeds. 

You won't be drowning in numbers on my watch. 

With the magic of cyberpsychology, I provide a unique numbers-light approach to shaking more sales out of your funnel. 

This done-for-you offer will reveal to you the hidden potential in your online sales funnel. All that's required is that you have, or are willing to install, a website visit recording tool.

Here's how it works . . .

Your Conversion P.I.

Meet Sue Howard,

With over 9 years of experience in data analysis, copywriting & cyberpsychology, Sue specializes in providing actionable insights that help businesses grow. 

​She has a proven track record of success with industry giants such as Nike, IBM & Oracle as well as helping 5-7 figure business owners scale with copy, UX design and digital psychology. 

Her ability to distill complex data into actionable recommendations makes her a valuable asset to any small business. Sue is a true believer in the power of research and consumer behavior intel in driving business success.



How Business Owners Just Like You Have Benefited

Book now. Free 30-days of implementation support ends soon.

You could be one split test away from a pipeline full of promising prospects

You could be one split test away from a firestorm of conversions

Complete brief intake form 7 days prior to your VIP experience

 VIP experience for your sales & checkout page

Introducing the 3 step process that eliminates guesswork with the power of research


Reserve your spot

Schedule your VIP experience. You do NOT need to be available on this day. The purpose of this is to reserve uninterrupted time on my calendar for your project.

After a deep dive into funnel stats, website visit recordings, heatmaps and a line by line audit, you will receive your Revenue Raising Roadmap TM .

What You'll Walk Away With

Want to increase conversions? Sales? Average order value? Maybe all of the above.  Share your goals with this brief intake form.

Winning test ideas

Bespoke split testing roadmap

Safeguard your success while you scale

To ensure we don't fix what isn't broke, I'll eliminate guesswork with heatmap and website visit recordings analysis. 

Pinpointed improvement opportunities will be prioritized & paired with instruction for you to test, measure and assess

Secure more sales with copy & layout  optimizations informed by the latest consumer behavior research.

Securing more sales in shaky times isn't about quick fixes or cheap tricks; this is about real, substantial improvements that will boost your bottom line. 

You could be one split test away from a record breaking year


How your VIP experience will unfold . . .

 Book today. Free 30-days of implementation support ends soon

 Free 30-days of implementation support ends soon

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