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With over 9 years of experience in data analysis, copywriting & cyberpsychology, Sue specializes in providing actionable insights that help businesses grow. 

​She has a proven track record of success with industry giants such as Nike, IBM & Oracle as well as helping 5-7 figure business owners scale with copy, UX design and digital psychology. 

Her ability to distill complex data into actionable recommendations makes her a valuable asset to any small business. Sue is a true believer in the power of research and consumer behavior intel in driving business success.


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     Secure more sales with your bespoke split testing roadmap

     Enjoy more opens, clicks & conversions with copy critiques

     Turn leads into repeat buyers with DFY email and ad copy

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Julie Chenell, Co-founder Funnel Gorgeous® wrote:

The email sequences & ad copy Sue wrote for me were fantastic as is with no revisions required. She was fast, efficient and gave me zero friction from ask to completion. 

It's rare to find someone who can anticipate your needs and execute flawlessly without endless back-and-forths.  

If you're seeking top-notch copy that delivers results, don't think twice. I was beyond delighted with the outcome and I'm sure you will be too. 

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Ask me anything by completing the form below or click here to send me a message via voxer 

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Ad copy for overcoming imposter syndrome:

"How do I know if I have imposter syndrome or if I just suck at what I do?" asked my client.

If you've ever wrestled with similar questions, then it's time to silence your doubts once and for all.

Introducing the 7-Day Imposter Syndrome Challenge - a week-long transformative journey designed to help you see the brilliance in you that others spot so clearly

Over seven days, you'll take part in carefully crafted exercises that not only help you identify the roots of your self-doubt but also give you practical strategies to overcome it.

No more self-questioning. No more missed opportunities. Just one week to step into your authentic, capable self. 

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Currently offering email and ad copy services. Rates range from $150 to $300 per ad or email depending on your needs & timeline.

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How to simultaneously covert skimmers & deep readers with your sales copy:

Do your in-real-life conversations end when you want them to?

Are you itching to hit the eject button while the other person is revving up like they just downed a cup of espresso? Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Research suggests you and the person you're conversing will be equally unhappy about the length of the conversation (src: Adam Mastroianni, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021). 

And no matter how hard we try to predict when the other person wants to end the chat, we fail miserably across the board. Why? Because the desire to be polite prevents us from sharing when we want to exit stage left. 

The same goes for visitors who land on your sales page.

For some visitors, the copy will be too long. For others, too short.

So how do you meet the needs of both visitors? You serve up your sales page like a multi-layered cake. Spin a bite-sized version of your story in the subheadings with a detailed rich story unfolding in your body copy. 

Watch and learn in this 2 minute video . . . 

How to tell if ChatGPT copy is costing you sales:

Much of the copy I critique for clients these days has been written with the help of ChatGPT. 

Here’s what I wish ChatGPT knew:

1. Short sentences sell.

The shorter the distance between the opening and closing of a sentence, the more impactful your copy becomes. ChatGPT copy rambles on like a chatty parrot high on caffeine.

2. Short sentences with vivid language sell more. 

Check out these 2 nearly identical comments in the screenshot below:

Here's a sampling of emails my subscribers have received:

Despite conveying the same point, the second comment received 200% more engagement than the first.

Why? Because the second one paints a picture in the reader's mind.

To be fair, ChatGPT does use descriptive language. But it takes it to the extreme. 

Research shows conversion rates climb when offers are described with short, vivid language. That same flowery language becomes a distraction when used in long, winding sentences.

Wondering if your ChatGPT copy is costing you sales?

Paste your copy into and see how much of the copy is flagged as “hard to read” or “very hard to read”.

If you're unhappy with the results,  gift yourself a copy critique backed by cutting-edge consumer behavior research. 

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