What will it take to turn your funnel around?

Collecting opinions leads to a maze of conflicting directions. Causing you to hop from one idea to another without seeing it thru to completion. 

 The Predictive Power Audit SM

How does this differ from other audits?

Look, some of these experts are probably right. Heck, they could all be right. After all, there's more than one path to profit.

Eliminate Guesswork With Predictive Power Audits SM

But conflicting viewpoints shake your confidence in a chosen path. 

You Could Be 1 Refinement Away From Turning Losses into Profits

Not Another expert opinion

Let me start by telling you what it definitely won't take:

(Why is it these experts never seem to agree?)

You Need Another Opinion Like You Need a Hole in Your Head

So, how do you cut through confusion to find the confidence to stay the course?

Without a firm belief in your path, throwing time and money at it to see it thru to completion feels like a gamble rather than a calculated move.

 Other Audits:

✖️ Copy focused: Neglects key elements

✖️ Relies on outdated best practices

✖️ A sales tactic for upselling 

I'm not peddling opinions, I'm uncovering solutions. 

Conversion focused: Copy, design & UX 

Informed by data and the latest research

A stand-alone solution

Uncover page speed bumps to reduce the bounce rate and wasted clicks

What's Included

Maximize Every Ad & Email Click

You could be...

Reduce cart abandonment by identifying checkout hurdles

Ring up more sales

Make it an easy yes by fine-tuning how your pricing is presented

Reduce Sticker Shock

Uncover dead zones to whisk more buyers to checkout

Improved Return on Ad Spend

A Laser-Focused List of Improvements For Your Evergreen Funnel

Best for:


Webinar funnels

Application Funnels

What Can Be Audited

Facebook/IG Ad campaigns

Email campaigns

Registration Pages

1 Refinement Away From Turning Losses into Profits

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Persuade more visitors to sign up without compromising lead quality

Hike Up Opt-in Rates

Keep attendees engaged long enough to convert

Higher Post-Webinar Purchases

- Brittany Long, Queen of Evergreen

"I instantly became a better sales page writer when I took Sue's advice"

- Jen Myers, Homeschool CEO

"This might go down as the single best audit EVER!"

-Jackie Ecla Sunga, Copywriter

"I want this for every sales page I write going forward!"

Predictive Marketing

Step 2

Achieve a perfect blend of big-picture insights and micro-level observations with a review of copy, design & UX.

An investigation into visitor behavior to uncover what's costing you conversions and what's bringing in sales & signups.

Track Visitor Movement Through Your Pages

Step 3

 Illustrated & actionable feedback informed by visitor insights will arrive in your inbox with in 7-10 business days.

What Sets My Audits Apart?

Step 1

Copy, Design, and UX Audit

Low-Effort, High-Win Feedback

Sales pages

Checkout pages

Webinar replays

Price ranges from $195 to $3,100

Trusted By 100s of Clients & Students

While other conversion strategists are stuck on best practices, my audits drive up sales & signups with the foresight of:

Direct visitor insights

Consumer behavior research

Outcomes of tests done by big brands

My Proven Process

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