Eliminate Guesswork with research-driven marketing

The difference between the middle of the pack and alpha entrepreneurs is middle of the pack relies on tired best practices and "expert" opinions...

...Alpha relies on hard data to eliminate her blind spots and gain competitive advantage. 

​I'm not another marketer asking you to trust her.  I'm asking you to trust the hard data I rely on to curate copy and optimization strategy. To serve your people what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

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Serving Entrepreneurs Who Know Marketing Without Data Is a Gamble With Terrible Odds

(Video) Turn Your Funnel Into A Conversion Factory

15 Research Backed

Headline Strategies

Put Your Offer 

To The Test

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"Sue, you are the bombdiggy"

High Converting Marketing Happens at the Intersection of Art & Science 

I leverage data and consumer behavior research to:

  • Get more visitors to buy before bouncing with done-for-you copywriting
  • Outperform your best copy with your customized split testing strategy
  • Recover lost sales with done-for-you email copywriting

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy To

Leakproof Your Funnel

Copy, design and UX Analysis

Diagnosis and Prescription

Anonymous feedback from your Target Audience

Markup of your sales page to demonstrate Rx

Lady Luck Is On your side

when marketing meets data

Fast Actionable Feedback

Keyword Research To

Align Your Offer With High Profit Problems

Reveal the words they use to describe their wants

Get an inside peek into what they're not sharing on social

Reveal underserved niches

Identify high profit problems

Uncover high demand topic

Identify problems they're seeking out solutions for

"Shit this is good!"

"The only hesitation I have in writing this review is it may result in having to share Sue with more people - she's that good." 

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"Sue knows and loves her craft and has over-delivered at every turn. She is careful, thorough, passionate, committed, thoughtful, generous and an overall wonderful human being. She has the unique gift - born out of both her genetic wiring and years of experience - of being able to approach her projects with the mind of a skilled technician and the heart of an inspired artist. I can't imagine my business without her involvement and am delighted to recommend her."

 Kent Phelps, Founder, Phelps Estate Planning

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Sue Howard, creator of...

My client went from skeptical to TAKE ALL MY MONEY and never second guessed anything I said after I used your research